The Best Book on Investment Banking Careers by Donna Khalife

The Best Book on Investment Banking Careers

Book Title: The Best Book on Investment Banking Careers

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1479178012

Author: Donna Khalife

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Donna Khalife with The Best Book on Investment Banking Careers

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Starting a career in investment banking is no easy feat. With intense competition, high pressure, and limited positions, this career option is often difficult to access. Fortunately, there are several concrete and structured processes that can help any candidate shine in their interview and land that investment banking job. Whether youre an undergraduate prepping for your first internship, or seeking a new career in investment banking, knowing the ins and outs of the industry can help you make your big break. In this eBook, Donna Khalife shares an insiders perspective to the investment banking industry and helps prepare readers for their chance at landing their dream job.


  • Dedication
  • Chapter One: Introduction
    • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Chapter Two: Why Investment Banking
    • Why Investment Banking?
  • Chapter Three: Reasons To Go Into Investment Banking
    • Reasons to Go Into Investment Banking
  • Chapter Four: Understanding Investment Banking Divisions
    • Understanding Investment Bank Divisions
  • Chapter Five: Investment Banking 101
    • Investment Banking 101
  • Chapter Six: Product Groups
    • Understanding Product Groups
  • Chapter Seven: Industry Groups
    • Understanding Industry Groups
  • Chapter Eight: Investment Banking Tips For Undergraduates
    • 4 Investment Banking Tips for Undergraduates
  • Chapter Nine: Investment Banking Analysts
    • Investment Banking Analysts
  • Chapter Ten: Undergraduate Recruiting
    • What Recruiters Look For in Undergrad Applicants
  • Chapter Eleven: Investment Banking Associates
    • Investment Banking Associates
  • Chapter Twelve: MBA/JD Recruiting
    • What Recruiters Look for in MBA/JD Applicants
  • Chapter Thirteen: Tips For MBA/JD Applicants
    • Tips for MBA and JD Applicants
  • Chapter Fourteen: Associate Expectations
    • Expectations of an Associate over an Analyst
  • Chapter Fifteen: Resources For Investment Banking Applicants
    • Resources For Investment Banking Applicants
  • Chapter Sixteen: Recommended Reading
    • Recommended Investment Banking Reading List
  • Chapter Seventeen: Investment Banking Recruitment
    • Investment Banking Recruitment
  • Chapter Eighteen: Networking Techniques
    • Top Networking Techniques For Recruiting
  • Chapter Nineteen: Investment Banking Resumes
    • Investment Banking Resumes for Analysts and Associates
  • Chapter Twenty: Investment Banking Cover Letters
    • Investment Banking Cover Letters for Analysts and Associates
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Insider Recruiting Advice
    • Insider Recruiting Advice
    • Insider Recruiting Advice
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: Investment Banking Interview
    • Investment Banking Interview Advice
  • Chapter Twenty-Three: Investment Banking Interview Questions
    • Technical Interview Questions on Finance, Valuation, Economics, and Accounting
  • Chapter Twenty-Four: Identifying Your Weaknesses
    • The Toughest Question: Identifying Your Weaknesses
  • Chapter Twenty-Five: Interview Preparation
    • Interview Prep Work and Analysis
  • Chapter Twenty-Six: 6 Things You Don't Want To Say In Your Interview
    • 6 Things You Don’t Want To Say In An Interview